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Welcome to geekmart What's geekmart? Why, it's the geekiest onine trading community of course! ^_~ What can you expect to find here? Computer parts,CDs, DVDs, geek toys, geeky clothing, anime, Books, roleplaying "stuff"...just about everything you could possibly want (or find) in your typical geekcave This is a community where you can Buy/Sell/Trade or give away whatever you please.

-Community Rules-

1. PLEASE if you're posting more than 2 pictures use cut.

2. Keep track of who you're buying/selling to! I am NOT responsible for any lost money or users.

3. Remember, I am also not responsible for any illegal items sold. (O.o;;) You decide what to sell, and you decide what to buy.

4. No fighting.

Break the rules too many times, and you'll be banned.

You may even find someone smarter than you -> elitegeeks

Any questions? kungf0okittie